Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Do or don't: the lob

Normally I'm kinda into long hair. I've never had it because my mom always chopped off my hair since I was little, and now I have this in between haircut: it isn't long nor short and It has awful layers in it. It doesn't look good and I actually don't want to wait until my hair is long, because it would probably take months or even years to grow since I always have to chop off the dead ends. I've recently seen this hairstyle with a lot of celebrities and bloggers and I really like it. It's called the LOB because it's longer than the normal bob, so 'long bob'. It looks mature, healthy and stylish. This haircut looks the best with a little wave and a lot of volume! Since I'm blond and I want to keep it that way, I looked for blond lobs. I'd totally keep my middle part but I think it also looks good with a side part.It's really easy to style, just put some texture in it and you're free to go. If you are a lazy person, this is really handy. One thing I would miss are those long ponytails and updos.. What do you think about the lob?
xoxo Julie

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