Saturday, September 21, 2013

New In: Black Pants

So I've never been a pants-girl. My closet is full of dresses, skirts and shorts, I only have a few pair of paint.... so I decided to look for a pair of black and clean pants. I went to New Look and I bought these darlings for only 12 euros (say what?)!! I still don't like pants altough they are warm and they go with everything. My bodyparts such as my legs and butt don't really match: my legs are quite thick and so is my butt, but my lower legs and my waist are very little so the pants part near my feat is too big and my pants always go down.... thank god he made the belt! here you can find the beautiful pants


  1. Such a wonderful piece! I think you should have mor of it in different colors :)


  2. Love your blog! And you are so pretty!
    I invite you to my blog giveaway ! :)
    Have a good day! xx