Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cold Weather Tights Please

Since I wear dresses and skirts all the time, I like to be creative with my tights. Right now, there aren't many special tights in my closet but I looked for some inspiration online. Last year, the printed tight and legging trend was very big, but as you know or maybe don't know, I don't like to be very mainstream. I would like to wear them now. I put together some of my favourite tights trends you maybe you could be a little bit inspired.

the lined tights

the James Bond tights

the dotted tights

the ombre tights

the tattoo tights

the suspenders

which one is your favourite? do you wear a lot of tights? let me know
xoxo Julie


  1. i really like tights, but normal I wear just simple black or bloody red. but i wanna buy some from romwe, 'cause they have amazing tights and leggins there :)