Monday, October 21, 2013

What I got foy my birthday

Aren't my friends the most awesome people ever? Look what I got for my birthday a while ago! It's a goddamn La Sardina and I'm so ready to shoot some awesome pictures. I'm very passionate about photography and I normally carry my digital camera with my. Guess that my friends wanted me to go analog again... And I like it! I used to remember my mom with her camera but I never really like analog shooting, when you have digital photos that can be deleted when you don't like them, no wasted money. But when i got this, i knew that when I shoot some thing, I know it would be a very special photo with a lot of great memories or just something beautiful like a landscape or a building. I only took seven or eight photo yet, because -yes..- i don't want to waste paper or money. Maybe I shouldn't be that stingy and just shoot something and not think.

With this awesome Copernicus inspired Sardina was this 'instruction book' with a lot of cool tips. It had 10 rules, like 'take your La Sardina everywhere' and things like that. 

You can get this camera HERE

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