Monday, November 11, 2013

eleven eleven twenty thirteen

A while ago, my parents planned to take a walk with some of their friends and we had to go with them. We walked at the Kalmthoutse Heide, it's a nature reserve that is 15 minutes with the car from my home in Antwerp. I actually never went there but it was absolutely amazing. I couldn't take any pictures with my camera since I hadn't taken it with me... But the view was stunning and I took some pictures with my phone. The quality is not that good but I'm still pretty happy with the (sometimes blurry) result. I normally never take a walk in the park when it's fall, but I hope I can 'collect' some not-lazy friends to go and hike in the park. Not going to happen because most of my friends are as lazy or lazier than me...

I don't have school today because 11 november is a holiday in Belgium. We celebrate the end of the first World War (yay) and I'm not going to do anything today. I just made some homework, loads and loads since I'm in the last year of my high school, and later I'm going to skate, drink tea and probably make some crappy music with my friend. I hope you had a great weekend and an amazing monday (if that is possible). Puss!


  1. amazing pics!
    kiss kiss

  2. Seriously gorgeous photos you are So talented !