Saturday, November 30, 2013

Fall Footwear

Here is my shoe wishlist for this cold season! It's not that diverse, mostly being black and being a bootie.. Altough some of them are crimson (yay) and not a botie(doucle yay)! But I'm craving for some good black booties this autumn. One for the day without a heel, looking all casual and edgy, and one very high heeled for the night, looking chic and edgy. Why this would be a good investment? Black colored booties goe with everything! I especially like to wear them with black tights for a long legged feel. I like to invest in this sort of stuff since i'm still a student and I can't afford everything I would like to have.. Statement pieces it is!
I'm still totally addicted to those cut-out boots, I think they can spice up your whole outfit, since I sometimes have the feeling that my one outfit looks too girly..
Further I have some great short Dr. Martens-lookalikes giving a special touch to the outfit- All Stars and Vans look so boring right now, no?

So what are your toughts on autumn or winter shoes? Or do you have some favourites? Let me know!

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