Sunday, December 22, 2013

My Romwe-Order!

I'm so exited! I placed my first ever online order, which is a Romwe order with these pretty pieces!  I ordered a black faux leather skirt, a burgundy skort and a lime green jacket which looks so cozy and warm. I was looking for these pieces at my local shopping area but I could not found the ones that I desired.. So online shopping came in handy.
What I don't like about online shopping is that they don't always picture the clothes on people or they show them on tall people, which is a problem because I'm really small and it makes me doubt if i will look on my body.
It probalby will take weeks before the package reaches my house but I look forward to wearing them!
Also thanks to participate in my Urban Decay Giveaway, congrats to Rebeka D!
xoxo Julie