Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 please be good

I hope you had a good New Years Eve! I celebrated New Years Eve with my family, some friends and very good food. We didn't see that much firework because it's illegal to launch firework on your own. I don't mind because I don't think firework and drunk people go together very well... I had a great time altough! On the first day of the year I spent the day at my halfsisters house with, again, some great food and a lot of hope for the new year.
I don't really do new years resolutions since I know I wont be able to fulfill them... Buy maybe I would like to work a bit harder, be a little more laid back and not caring about the things I cannot change at all, making some more friends and just enjoying life more!
I just got back home from lunch with a very good friend and yesterday I went to the city to go shop some sales, which I will show you next time! I've been so busy, going out with friends, working for school and going to familyparties... I haven't been home for almost a week now!

What are your new year resolutions and what did you do during the holidays? let me know!
xoxo Julie


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  2. Hi babe, I hope u started the new year in a great way!
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