Wednesday, May 20, 2015

New in: Playsuit

Got this playsuit a while ago from and I'm absolutely loving it! I normally always wear dark colours and he colour brown or cream could'nt really be found in my closet until now. It's so sad that it's very cold right now in Belgium, since the fall has just started. I'm already wearing my thick wintercoat for the moment. Sorry for the lack of updates but I'm so busy right now! I started university college in september, studying applied informatics and it's been quite hard for me to follow. I studied languages and science so everything is so new for me! But I'm currently loving it and we'll see what the results of my exams from the past week will be. Besides that, I started to work on saturdays and I also have to maintain my social life. For now, I wish you guys a very happy day!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Julie just happened to randomly stepped upon your blog and its cool!
    Well, nice outfit there! Love brown and cream colors overall.

    Cheers. ;)