Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Hello everyone! A few months ago I went to Paris, a city I've wanted to go to for so long. I finally found the time to go, and I was not disappointed. Paris is a beautiful city, full of old and modern aspects, a lot of beautiful people and a lot of things to do. The weather wasn't that good, it rained a little bit and there was barely any sun, but that wasn't a problem for me at all. The first day I went to Monmartre to see the beautiful Sacré-Coeur and the breathtaking view over the city. Paris is so big, it's unbelievable! Up on the mountain, there was a place with cosy little restaurants and a lit of amazing paintings and arts, It's called the Place du Tertre and it has the most talented artists from Paris. After that, I went downhill to the touristic streets of the city. We walked further to the water and I have to say the Eiffel Tower is also pretty impressive. I didn't went up, so we decided to take the boat among the Seine. We went almost everywhere in Paris, but we didn't always go inside. I actually can't wait to go back again?

What do you think about Paris? Ever been there?


  1. Oh wow I am so jealous! the pictures look amazing! I'm honestly looking for a good camera to purchase, is there anything you'd recommend? I want a cannon one!


  2. I absolutely agree Paris is just so beautiful. I particularly love the canals and the Latin quarters oh and the little bookshop near Notre Dame - I love it all!! I wrote a post about it when I went a few weeks ago :)


  3. I miss Paris! Been there in 2010 and it's been 5 years. Love cruising along river seine and listening to Champs élysée. Also miss Ladurée and the glittery Eiffel Tower.

    Lovely pictures!