Friday, May 29, 2015


You know, you just did put an elegant all black look together. You know for yourself you love the all black looks and it's very modern and in fashion these days. Or maybe just because you love your black clothes for decades now and it's just your style. And then throughout the day you hear:

" Are you wearing the same things as yesterday? All your black clothes look the same!"

"Are you going to a funeral?"

"You do know you would look better with a bit of color, right?"

and you're like 'oh'. Maybe you should try something new instead of all the black clothes. Change isn't always bad and you should never stop experimenting. That's what I thought a while ago. But how? How do can you upgrade your wardrobe with non-black pieces of you don't like color? These are my tips on how I got rid of the all black looks. 

  •  Pick colors between black and white

One of the main reasons I almost always black clothes isn't because I don't like color. I found out by myself that I buy them because I'm afraid my colored pieces won't match any other colored piece in my wardrobe. Conclusion: I'm terrified of a full closet without matching pieces. When I went on the hunt for the perfect winter coat this autumn, I didn't want to buy one in black. I surfed the site and I stumbled upon some great grey coats. Still totally my style, yet something else than black. I wore it every day in the winter and It really matched everything I wore. My black tights or my colored pants, without looking like a clown or a funeral attendant. 

I also have a lot of white t-shirts, so I can match every one of my trousers with. Okay, they are mostly black, but I think the white and black combo does look chique. One of the things I really love are those monochromatic outfits like in the picture, it looks so modern, effortless and chique. I definitely want to try this out!

  • Wear creams and nudes

Another one of my favourite trends are the nude and cream pieces. Always for the same reason: they match with everything. If you think about it, the soft colours would look cute with you other coloured pieces, isn't it? I know I have a nude blazer, and it's one of the pieces that's in my closet for ages. That's something I do regular, If I'm already wearing a monochromatic look, I just throw on a colored vest or something other than the colors in my outfit. 

  • Wear it in a print

One thing you can do is wear black in your prints, or wear black clothes with other colored prints. I know you're kind of cheating now, but I think it's a great stop wearing all black everything. Prints do look modern these days, and you can do whatever you want with them. 

  • Just experiment with other colors or combo's

 Be honest, these color combo's do look great! Don't be afraid to pair colors and color blocked outfits. It's refreshing and it looks great on anybody, from darker skin to lighter skin. It really draws the attention and it proves that you dare to step out of your comfort zone


  1. Woohoo a fashion-enthusiast like me, I see...
    Well, its fun to play around with styles actually!
    Though I'm more of a creams, nudes and patterns kind of person. I switch them out once in a while hahaha.
    By the way, great post you have there, the pictures explain your words well!


  2. I'm also a big fan of colours! The world is already 'black' enough and it just doen't suit me! Particularly love the last pics but prints and cream colours are also my cup of tea! Great post!