Monday, June 22, 2015


Hi guys, I finally finished all my exams for this school year and I'm so excited! In the vacation, I'll have more time to blog for you guys and I have lots and lots of fun posts coming up. I'm so glad I'm done with school for two crazy months , just to travel and spend some time with my loved ones. And maybe for some sales shopping if you know what I mean. 

Last week I received this amazing beautiful real wood watch from Jord Watches. I looked at their site and the light watch immediately caught my eye. I love how it's super modern and fresh, it's not something you see in the stores. And you guys know I love unique pieces! I'm planning on wearing them everyday in the summer, because I already noticed it doesn't make me sweat underneath the clock surface. It would also look cute with pastel colors to make an outfit more edgy, but the watch would also look amazing with darker colors. I actually can't wait to have my tan this summer, It would make the piece stand out even more!

The watch itself came super quickly by mail and it was packed in a super cute wooden box. The watch was wrapped around a little pillow as you can see. This gives an upgrade for the watch! In the box there were also a few pieces you can attach to the watch to make it bigger. Of course you can also remove some shackles to make it a little bit smaller. 

I immediately tried it on and I was kind of hooked. It's super over sized and the piece looks so big on my wrist, which is totally my style. The quality is great and doesn't look cheap at all. I love how it's real wood and still you don't get any splinters. 
 Link to Wood Watches HERE, link to the beautiful piece I got HERE

I thought I'd play up the watch a little bit and the photos turned out a little bit crazy. As you can see I wore a white top, skin based glowy make up and my hair in beachy curles with my blue hat on top of it. Can't wait to wear it this summer! 


  1. Great post! I love your blog and have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. You can check my post to see how the award works here

    Ella xx

  2. I've never seen watches like this one, soooo goood!!!

  3. how cute :DD

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    Inge Lakawa

  4. Amazing post dear!

  5. great review! I recently got sent one of JORD's watches as well, their designs are so pretty! would love if you could check out my latest fashion post? :)

    The Fashion Road