Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Long time no see! I've done my end exams in June and my re-examinations in August and I'm able to go to my second year in applied informatics, so excited for my next year of studying. Loving what I'm studying has been a relief for me, but it wasn't easy. Working very hard and starting a subject which I didn't know anything at all off was difficult for me last year, but having more time will give me the opportunity to keep up with my school work and lessons. After those exams in August, I had some free time to spend on something.  

 I went with my boyfriend to the lovely capital city of Spain, Madrid. This place always stood on my travel list, because Spanish culture always interested me for some reason. Maybe because it's full of enjoying life and the people around you. I didn't bring my camera with me, but my boyfriend took some pretty pictures. The weather was warm and there was just so much to see there. A lot of old buildings, mixed with the modern streets, the churches are totally amazing, so beautiful and well maintained, and I’ve never seen churches that beautiful. They were full of paintings in vibrant colours, lots of gold and breath taking statues. There were beautiful palaces, such as the royal palace, and other buildings I didn't really knew what it was. 

One thing in this amazing city did stand out. When it became dark, all the local people came out of their houses and they just went out to get some delicious food and drinks. All the terraces were full of them, it was amazing to see how they just socialized and how the city lived in the evening and a little bit into the night. But I cannot not agree with them, the food was heavenly. Things I've never heard of, you could eat them here for cheap. I actually want to go back some day, but I guess there are other places to explore first. Have you ever been to Madrid of do you want to go there? What did you think? 
xoxo Julie

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  1. Beautiful, grand edifices! I have a thing with architecture....Madrid is on my wishlist!