Thursday, November 12, 2015


Oh, how I love travelling. I love going anywhere. From big and busy cities to hot and the quit middle of nowhere. From hot and crowed beaches to the icy mountains. I can find peace in those places without being bored by my surroundings, just going from the one to the other place, having a completely different flow. The stress leeks away like it’s never ever been there before, giving me the feeling like I could be happy there forever. I just really loved travelling to other places. A while ago, I went to Normandy and Bretagne, regions in the north east side of France. The weather was actually a little bit on the cold side, but that’s what I like. I don’t like to sit at the pool because all it gives me is a sunburn on my fair skin. I only want to move around and see things. The past years, I’ve only been to those big and busy cities, like Rome, Amsterdam, London and Paris, so being on a serene vacation was a tiny bit of an adjustment for me again. We mostly went to old buildings, quite common in the area because it’s kind of quit and calm there, not a lot of touristic places except for the seaside. I did went to the Mont Saint Michel, a small rocky tidy island in the absolute middle of nowhere. It was kind of impressing I must say, kind of a whole town on a tiny rock. On top of it, there was a beautiful medieval abbey I went to. What is kind of funny is that the island is surrounded with water at high tide and there are actually people who live there. I thought it was kind of an unique place to be, I’ve never seen something like that before to be honest. I also went to a few castles and churches, as always. I’m also looking forward to my next trip, I’m thinking about going to Dublin or Stockholm, but the world is so big and I’m busy with school right now. Guess I have to wait a bit longer. 


  1. Love this post. I knew straight away that this would Normandy, even though I've never been. It's funny you said that you needed an adjustment when you went to a more peaceful and quieter place because you're so used to the crazy cities.

    I'm going to Rome next week, wish me luck! I heard it can get crazy busy there. I'm doing all the touristy things and luckily my hotel is right next to the Pantheon.

    Dublin - I deff need to go there. Also Edinburgh is on my list... and many many more :)

    Have a great day!
    Kara x