Sunday, November 8, 2015


Do you know how you’ve been looking something for ages, you see everyone wearing it on the streets but somehow none of your local shops seem to sell the item. That’s what I had. I’ve been searching for pretty black hats for a long time, and when I found them, they wouldn’t even fit me. What, how is that even possible? Eventually, I got this one from H&M thank god! It’s a small, fits perfectly on my little head and with the rest of my closet. I think it’s just a versatile piece, you can wear it in the summer and the winter. I’ve got the feeling I’m always just talking about versatile pieces in every post, but that’s just the essence of my closet. I don’t think I work with season, I love to wear skirts in the winter and my jackets in the summer. My closet consists of pieces I want to wear all year round, I love spending my money wisely. I love a good base, you can dress up or dress down so easily. That’s why I also got these beautiful three layer necklace, also from H&M. I fell in love with the color, it’s a bit of a rosy gold, but it’s more on the gold side. I really like the bold, long triangle piece, it’s such a focus puller and that’s why I wanted the necklace. What surprised me was that it wasn’t a necklace with three chains, they were all apart necklaces. I also adore the two tiny pieces, one little geometric triangle and one wide V shape. I’ve also worn only these two together without the big triangle, when I needed to spice up a basic outfit without going overboard with my jewelry. 

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