Wednesday, March 23, 2016


First of all, I'm so sorry for my absence guys. I know I say this every time, but I promise this is the very last time I say this. My last post was from November, which is the longest I've been absent from my blog. I've been busy with school, had so many projects and had to do a lot of exams. But now I'm ready to relaunch my blog. I've got time for it now, I've got lots and lots of fun ideas because I really want to make something out of this blog. This is really my dream, and I'm glad you can be part of it.  I also picked a totally new layout, you can say it's kind of different and it's finally what I really want. Welcome to my new blog! 

Probably the most important reason for my time away, I wasn't really happy with my camera anymore. It kind of broke down, because every time I started it and I didn't do anything for 5 seconds, it would just shut down and I had to fully restart it again. With that annoying thing came something even more annoying. Every time I wanted to take a picture, a black screen with 'low battery' showed up and it would also just shut down, even though the batteries were fully charged. Sometimes this didn't happen at all and I could go further taking pictures even with the shutting down after 5 seconds, I just kept pressing some buttons, but still annoying. So I kind of neglected my photography because I was always busy fixing what was wrong. Guess this was the time to switch to another camera, also because my Olympus would turn 5 of even 6 this year. It was kind of a good camera at that time I think, but you know the technology doesn't stand still and by this time, there were even better camera's around. You could say the quality wasn't the best anymore and I was tired of that. 

So I looked some camera requirements up on the internet so I could know what to look for while camera spotting on the internet. Well, I thought I had a good one, but it wasn't and I had to send it back. The quality was very poor, I was really in shock, it was far more worse that my Olympus and it was around 250 euros I paid for. After sending it back and receiving my money back, I decided that going to the local shop to test some camera's in real life was the best solution for picking a camera. This way I would know what I buy, I didn't want to buy anything just to return it later.

I wasn't sure about spending a lot of money on my camera, but quality does cost a lot of money. I was looking for a compact camera because my previous one had a big lens and it took a lot of space in my bags. I also wanted a cool model, something totally my style. But my main concern was the sharpness of my pictures, I want it to be very sharp, not blurry and with a little focus on things nearby. Then my eye fell on this beautiful white model from Samsung called NX 3000. It looked really cool and the properties looked alright, so I tested it and it was really good quality! I decided I wanted this one, and it was the last one so I a great marked down price, which was absolutely awesome! I paid about 200 euros, while it's about 300 - 400 euros on other sites on the internet.

I must say I really like the camera, it's the best quality I could ever get for the price. It's a 21.6 Mp with a detachable 16 - 50 mm lens. And to be honest, I have no idea what the other specifications mean because I'm not (yet) a pro. It's not a very impressive model, but it's enough for me to take good pictures. As you can see, the display can turn 180 degrees so you can see yourself while you take selfies! I love that, but I'm not really a selfie person, but it does come in handy. It has also a WiFi connection, which is nice when you want to send pictures quickly. The only (and I mean only) downside is that it seems to darken the pictures while it isn't as dark in real life. But I think I still have to figure out how to fix that. 

The pictures from my new camera were taken by my old camera, which probably was the last time I've ever taken a picture with that camera. I'm very satisfied with my new camera, and I'm so excited to take pictures for my blog with it. I've got a lot of posts ready for you guys, thank you for your time!