Monday, May 23, 2016


Hey guys! I just wanted to talk quick about this new thing I've tried. When I was in The Netherlands, I went by a drugstore called Etos. They had a cute fixing spray, and because I've never tried one, I decided to get it and try it. I know a lot of make up artists use expensive ones like the ones from MAC, but I knew this drugstore one couldn't be that bad. So the first application went quite well, although I had trouble aiming at my face full of make up. I spritzed some on my face and it was a weird feeling because I'm not used to a wet face full of make up. But it dries very quickly and It doesn't even ruin your make up. The first time I did it right after I applied my mascara so my lashes were still wet. Not a good idea because it stained my under eyes, so always does this when your mascara already dried. I can really tell the difference after it dried, the foundation and the concealer looks more like skin and thus more natural. When it comes to a long lasting finish, I don't think this lets my foundation stay on longer. I do love the smell, it doesn't irritate my skin and I love to put it on my beauty blender to make it slightly damp. I feel like this does make a difference with water and the application is smoother. I love this fixing spray and I think it's something you have to try! Do you have a setting/fixing spray? Which one do you have?

Hey iedereen! Ik wou net eventjes praten over iets nieuws dat ik heb geprobeerd de laatste tijd.  Toen ik in Nederland was was ik naar een drogisterij gaan die jullie wel kennen, namelijk de Etos. Ze hadden daar een schattige fixing spray, en omdat ik er nog nooit eentje had geprobeerd, heb ik 'm gekocht om hem uit te proberen. Ik weet dat veel make up artiesten duurdere gebruiken zoals diegene van MAC, maar ik wist dat eentje van de drogisterij toch niet zo slecht kon zijn. De eerste applicatie ging vrij goed, al had ik een beetje problemen met te richten naar mijn gezicht. Ik spoot een beetje op mijn gezicht en het was eigenlijk een heel rare ervaring omdat ik nog nooit een nat gezicht vol make up had gevoeld. Maar het droogt heel erg snel en het ruineert je make up ook niet. De eerste keer deed ik het net na ik mijn mascara had gedaan en mijn wimpers waren nog steeds nat. Dat was geen goed idee omdat het toch wat vlekte onder mijn ogen, dus dit doe je best wanneer je mascara al droog was. Ik kon wel een verschil merken nadat de spray was gedroogd, mijn founcation en concealer zagen er meer uit zoals huid en daarom ook meer naturel. Wanneer het komt op de longlasting finish, zie ik niet echt een verschil en denk ik niet dat mijn foundation langer blijft dan normaal. Ik hou wel van de geur van de spray, het irriteert mijn huid niet en het werkt goed op mijn beauty blender om hem een klein beetje vochtig te maken. Hierin voel ik een verschil met wanneer ik er water op doe want het aanbrengen gaat veel smoother. Ik hou wel van deze fixing sprat en ik denk dat het echt iets is dat je moet proberen! Heb jij een setting/fixing spray? Welke heb jij?

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Have you seen all these big necklaces all over Instagram and bloggerland? Well I did and I really like the look of these! They look so sophisticated yet a bit casual and they can dress up an entire outfit. One of the downsides is that they are all very expensive designs by DYLANLEX, made by designer Drew Ginsberg. The necklaces are all handmade with Swarovski crystals and antiqued metals to make a very unique piece. The range from the necklaces go from about $700 to over $1000. Way to expensive for a broke student like me, but you know me and when I really like the look, I'm going to try to find some dupes. Like the one above I got from H&M. They don't really look that similar, but it's a beginning for me. I'm actually still looking for payable look a likes for these DYLANLEX designs, because I love these so much! Here are some of my favourites from her collection. 

Hebben jullie die supergrote kettingen al gezien op Instagram en in bloggerland? Wel ik wel, en ik vind de look van deze heel erg mooi! Ze zien er zo gesofisticeerd uit en tegelijkertijd toch wel casual, je kan er je hele outfit chiquer meer maken. Een nadeel is wel dat deze kettingen allemaal dure ontwerpen zijn van DYLANLEX, gemaakt door ontwerper Drew Ginsberg. De kettingen zijn allemaal handgemaakt met Swarovski kristallen en antieke metalen zodat het samen een uniek stuk is. De prijs van deze kettingen liggen tussen de $700 tot over de $1000. Veel te duur voor een blutte student als ik, maar zoals jullie mij kennen, wanneer ik echt iets mooi vind ga ik op zoek naar dinge die er op lijken. Zoals deze hierboven van H&M. Ik weet dat ze niet echt veel op elkaar lijken, maar het is een begin voor mij. Eigenlijk ben ik nog altijd op ziek naar goeie dupes van deze DYLANLEX designq, omdat ik ze zo mooi vind! Hieronder zie je een paar favorieten van de dure collectie. 

Sunday, May 8, 2016


Hey guys! So a while ago, I decided to upgrade my skin care routine. I mostly always have used drugstore products in the past, and that went alright, but now I am looking for other kinds of products. Last year, when I was kind of breaking out badly on my face, I went to a non drugstore to find the solution. I got the 3-step skincare set from Clinique (I have a post about that) because I heard a lot of good things about it and it actually really helped me out of my breakouts. My skin is clearer now, but not yet perfect at all. 

I've heard good things about The Body Shop, not only about their product quality. Also about the fact they don't test on animals, they're totally fair-traid and they think about the environment. I think that all is very important nowadays, we have to think about the climate and others well being. I've never really tried out their products but now they're all tested by me, I think this became one of my favorite shops. The prices are kind of high, but most of the time you get a good amount for your money. What also kind of surprised me was that none of the products were harsh for my face. So I've tested every product out and I'll discuss them here for you!

Body Butter Mango, Handcream Mango & Lip Butter Mango

So because I've bought in the store for over 40 euros, I got this little set for free. The set came in a handy green box with a cute ribbon on it. It contained a body butter, hand cream and lip butter, all in the theme of the mango fruit. Now I have to say mango isn't one of my favorite foods, but I did like all of the products and they all smell so nice. The body butter is very soft and I find it better than most of the body cremes. It's more effective on dry spots and it isn't so sticky. I don't have a dry skin on my body, but I do use it when I've shaved my legs. And they feel so soft with this body butter on it. The second one in the set was the hand creme. Also, I don't really have dry hands normally, but this does really help with the dry spots on the knuckles and the hands. I wouldn't recommend this on anyone with sweaty hands or just for people in the summer, because it leaves the palms very sticky and kind of wet. But for dry hands, this is a really good one on the market and it smells so very good it's insane. The third one is the lip butter, and I don't really like this one. I've never been a fan of lip butters in a little box just because I don't find it hygienic to apply it on your lips with your hands. I like my lip butter with me on the go, so I prefer lip balms. Other than that, the taste of mango is very strong and it's horrible only when you apply to much. The butter also really does hydrate the lips very well. I think The  Body Shop did very well on the hydrating part of this set! I like that I got it for free, they really appreciate people that buy a lot in their stores. 

Aloe Calming Toner

The next product I got is the Aloe Calming Toner for sensitive. Honestly I didn't knew what a toner was, I've never really cared about what it did. When I saw the product I went to the cashier and she told how to use it and what it did to your skin. Apparently, you use a toner after you have removed your make-up just to remove the very last bits of the make-up remover, it closes your pores and the toner contains glycerin. Glycerin makes things stick to your face so your skincare products can stick to it very easily and they would hold longer. You sprinkle some toner on a make-up wipe and you rub it gently across your face, avoiding the mouth and eye area because that can irritate the skin around it. It really is a must for your skincare routine, it's really good and effective. It's so refreshing when you put in on your face and you can feel the sensation of tightness of the skin. And if you have large pores, I would also recommend this. I can't really tell it this is better than another toner, but this one is very good and it will stay in my skincare routine for a long time.

Tea Tree Oil

The next product is the Tea Tree Oil. The first time I heard about this oil was on YouTube, but I don't know anymore which YouTuber mentioned it. This oil is a fast treatment for your blemishes or your problem skin and it contains some tea extract. I use it on the spots I feel I need it the most or just when I'm feeling that a break out will come. It's a very dry oil and it doesn't get you oily at all, which is totally fine to me. I only use this at night time because I don't think I need it with my make-up and I use it after my Aloe Toner and before my night cream. The oil is actually also very sticky when it dries on your skin so the cream really stays put.

Lightning Shade Adjusting Drops

Guys, this one is my life saver. It really is. I'm like very very pale, and never have I ever found the right shade of foundation for my complexion. Not even in the priciest stores could I find a shade light enough that matched mine. So uhm yeah I always had kind of that darker face and that lighter neck. I did hear about the similar white shaded foundation from Mac, but that was just too pricey for me. But I FINALLY found the solution and thank god I found it. This product, my new holy grail, is really necessary if you also can not find your right shade. These shade adjusting drops can be added to every liquid, like your foundation and your concealer, just to make them some shades lighter. I always use this with my foundation to make it my color, and sometimes with my concealer when I feel like I need it. What's also an advantage is that you also can use the same foundation in the summer and winter, because mine would be the perfect color for in the summer. If you're wondering, they also have a shade that darkens your foundation, but it isn't very dark in my opinion. 

So when it comes to the pros and cons, there actually are no cons! The shading drops just really blend well with my foundation and it applies very smooth. At first I had my doubts about how it would chance the coverage of my foundation, but the liquid is thick enough to not chance anything about it. Another big plus about the product is the packaging. I love the applicator, which is a pipette, because it's very precise when it comes to deciding the amount of product you need. It's also very neat and the product doesn't go anywhere. The fact that because of the pipette it all stays very hygienic is also important to me. I can not even say how much I love this product and how it really changed my make-up routine in a positive way. 

Blue Corn 3-In-1 Deep Purifying Scrub Mask

Aw yes I love this product. It's a three-in-one product so it's kind of multitasking when you apply it and multitasking is good, very good. I bought this mask and scrub because I was looking for a new face mask after I emptied my tea tree mask which was also from The Body Shop. This wasn't a very cheap one, I think it costed me 17 euros. But it's kind of worth it, always after I applied this mask, my face feels so very soft and healthy. Here's how I apply it. I begin with a clean and slightly wet face, I take a good amount of product and I begin rubbing it gently on my face. Because it's a scrub and a mask in one, I first begin scrubbing my face and I let the product stay on my face for a while. This mask dries quite fast in my opinion, but I think that's really positive, I don't like mask that take 20 minutes to dry. When the mask is kind of crumbling off, I know it dried fully. I just add water to my hands and I begin rubbing and scrubbing my face again. You can use this mask once or twice a week says the label, and that's roughly how much I use it in a week. 

Vitamin E Eyes Cube & Vitamin E Night Cream

To close this haul an review, I'll be talking about 2 products of the Vitamin E collection. One I don't like so much, the other one is a big yes from me. Starting with the Vitamin E Eyes Cube which I doesn't really work for me. I have very dark and blue circles under my eyes and they are kind of wrinkly, and I felt like the Eyes Cube didn't really do anything about it. My bags are there naturally  (thanks family genes) and when I don't get enough sleep they tend to look worse, but I almost always get enough sleep. I used to apply this product only at night time because for some reason there were little bits of glitter in it and it looked awful with make up on top of it. But sometimes when I applied it, my under eyes got itchy and I had to take it off. In the morning, I didn't notice anything in the darkness nor the texture and I've had been using it for a month. It also left my skin dry so maybe it even got worse. For me, this was kind of a waste of money. Maybe I'm just giving it to someone else. 

The second one is the Vitamin E Night Cream and it's a good night cream to use. Sometimes when I use night creams they leave my face dry when I wake up in the morning, but not this one. It stays put the whole night and it really hydrates my skin. Actually really nothing else to say about the night creme, I just like it! 

So this closes my post about the The Body Shop haul. It was the first time I really tried products from there, but meanwhile testing these products, I already bought other products from there. I think these ones are mostly of such good quality! What do you think about The Body Shop products? Have you ever shopped there?